14′ Tall Impact Rated Folding, Sliding & Pivot Panels

Euro-Wall is excited to announce the new maximum heights, widths and design pressures for our impact rated folding, multi slide and pivot doors! Panels can now span up to 14′ tall, providing the most exceptional views and maximum panel to glass ratios.

Euro-Wall’s Impact Rated Folding door systems provide unobstructed views and seamless transitions to the outside. Panels can span heights up to 14′, widths up to 52″ and reach design pressures up to +/-100. They can be configured as straight, segmented, radius, split height or postless corner systems.

Euro-Wall’s Impact Rated Multi Slide door systems are unlike any other multi slide door. The panel interlock, at less than 1″, is the slimmest sight line profile available, providing the largest view and the maximum panel to glass ratio. These massive panels span heights up to 14′ and widths up to 84″.

Euro-Wall’s Impact Rated Pivot doors can span heights up to 14′ and widths up to 8′ providing solutions for non-traditional breathtaking openings. Choose from one of our custom configuration options to use as is or as a jumping off point for your design.