Euro-Wall Hosts Apprenticeship Day for Charlotte Prep Students

This past January, Charlotte Preparatory School approached our team at Euro-Wall and asked if we could host a group of 7th and 8th grade students and provide them with an interactive learning experience in participation with their Apprenticeship Program. We jumped at the opportunity. The top pillar of our philosophy at Euro-Wall is “to grow people” – from our own employees, our business partners to the community members we interact with. 

Our Euro-Wall team created learning stations that presented the students with problems that they would have to solve working in teams using the tools we use in our manufacturing facility on a daily basis. At one of the learning stations we presented the students with a finished milled extrusion that was created on one of our CNC machines. The students then had to solve some math problems and enter in correct measurements into our CNC machine to replicate the finished product they were shown. The students also utilized one of our 3D printers in order to complete their project.

Another learning station had the students work in teams to come up with a marketing poster that best represented the values of their school. The students had to come up with a catchy tagline, a core design and a call to action to create a finished poster. At the end of the day the students also had the opportunity to practice their public speaking abilities by presenting their finished poster designs in front of their classmates and our Euro-Wall employees.

The opportunity to host the students and engage them with interactive learning challenges was a great experience not only for the students but for our employees as well. At Euro-Wall, “to grow people” is not just a philosophy on a piece of paper tucked away in a dusty drawer, it is a principle that we actively pursue. We look forward to future opportunities to serve our community and Euro-Wall is excited to see what these young adults will contribute to enrich our community in the future.