Euro-Wall Partners to Reduce Childhood Drownings

What does childhood drowning have to do with a door company? Absolutely nothing and absolutely everything.

Childhood drowning is the number one cause of preventable death for children in the state of Florida with roughly 60 drowning deaths occurring annually. Additionally, Florida has the highest child drowning rate in the nation.

This is a problem especially as we enter the summer months where beach and poolside activities are at a peak.

On face value childhood drowning has nothing to do with Euro-Wall Systems; we are a fenestration company. We create hurricane rated products for large openings and our doors can not prevent drownings…but our people can through community outreach.

The Euro-Wall motto is to “Grow People”. This takes on life through many facets at Euro-Wall with one of those facets being community outreach to help prevent childhood drownings in Florida. According to the USA Swimming Foundation, formal swimming lessons can reduce the likelihood of drowning by 88 percent. The Live Like Jake Foundation was created to raise awareness for drowning prevention and provide swim lesson scholarships to those who cannot afford them as well as provide financial and emotional support to families who have lost a loved one or have a child with critical care needs. These scholarships are funded through donations and annual fundraising events. The Live Like Jake Annual 5K scholarship run is the main fundraising event and Euro-Wall has participated through sponsorship and fundraising for the past four years and counting.

During the 2019 Live Like Jake 5K event, Euro-Wall was able to raise $1,241 towards funding new childhood swimming scholarships. This outreach is not about promoting our product. The race participants are not our demographic. This outreach isn’t about grandstanding for a blog post or social media post. It is about growing people, bettering our community and hopefully making a positive impact where we live, work and play in even the smallest of ways.

For more information on how you can support the Live Like Jake Foundation in helping to eradicate childhood drowning, visit their website at