Aluminum Folding Doors

For commercial spaces and high-end homes, large patio openings are a great way to blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces. These openings can be a focal point when implemented with the right door system in mind like Euro-Wall’s bi-fold doors. In fact, our aluminum folding doors expand the available options for folding door placements, whether new construction, retrofit, or remodeling of existing structures.

American Made. European Inspired.

Our aluminum folding doors are superior by design and offer more choices in panel size, material and glass options than any other manufacturer. In addition to aluminum folding doors, we also produce sliding, stacking, pivot and French doors and windows to meet stringent building codes that coastal authorities require.  

What do you mean by Superior by Design?

In the past architects, builders and designers have been limited by the strict Florida Building Code, Florida Product Approvals and HVHZ Ratings. What does this mean? Simply put, Bi-Fold Doors built in Florida have to withstand hurricane force, high wind- and water- pressures and missile-born debris. Therefore, an exterior door system in Florida must comply with and meet the stringent standards set by Florida Product Approvals. Because these standards are so demanding most national window and door companies only provide a limited number of options in the Florida market and have set a low bar of what can be achieved when it comes to opening heights and widths. 
With a base in Florida, Euro-Wall well understands the challenges of designing in hurricane-prone areas and the stringent building codes and meets those challenges head-on. As a result, Euro-Wall folding door systems have higher load capacities, stronger panels and more glass and door options than any other manufacturer. Our aluminum folding doors specialize in High Velocity Wind and Hurricane Zones and coastal packages as well as standard climate options. They meet: 


From Low-Emissivity (Low-E) to reflective beach glass to bomb and bullet-resistant glass, Euro-Wall is number one in approved options making Euro-Wall Superior by Design.

Quality-First Aluminum Folding Doors

Euro-Wall’s impact-rated Bi-Folding Doors can be built to a maximum height of 144” and to a maximum width of 52”. Additionally, Euro-Wall uses the highest-grade aluminum for its products, which come with the highest-grade AAMA 2605 finish. Check out our operational video to see how our Bi-Folding Doors operate and contact us for an estimate today.