California Commercial Bi-Folding Doors

Among the vast array of tools and building concepts architects use when designing a project, incorporating large expanses of folding doors can play a key part in creating a connection between the establishment and its surroundings. Euro-Wall’s California commercial folding patio doors make bold aesthetic and functional statements for offices, retail stores and other applications. 

American Made. European Inspired.

Whether these accordion glass doors are utilized indoors to separate spaces in a clean and modern fashion when closed or to blur lines between areas to create large open venues, large bi-folding doors in commercial spaces will have an unparalleled impact on user experience. Conversely, Euro-Wall’s California Commercial Bi-Folding Doors on the exteriors can truly invite the outside, offering unobstructed views for a unique experience. 

How are Euro-Wall Commercial Bi-Folding Doors Superior?

Design your own California Commercial Bi-Folding Door

Euro-Wall makes commercial bi-folding doors in an array of choices ranging from aluminum, aluminum-clad and many different wood-clad options. They also offer more panel choices than any other manufacturer. Whether for new construction, retrofit, or remodeling of existing structures, Euro-Wall’s California Commercial Door can meet your needs— even if you’re building in Florida’s High Velocity Wind and Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). To learn more, check out our page all about Florida Products Approval, NOA, and HVHZ.