Euro-Wall Accordion Glass Partitions

The Vista Fold™, accordion walls, provide unobstructed views and seamless transitions from the comfort of any room to the beauty of the outside environment. The product can be used in both residential and commercial large openings. Euro-Wall folding glass partitions can be used in new construction, retrofit, or remodeling of existing structures. Because they are custom-built for individual customers and projects, Euro-Wall can easily meet even the most challenging architectural applications. 

American Made. European Inspired.

Euro-Wall’s Accordion glass partitions are offered in many different panel finishes and color options such as aluminum and different wood-clad options. Euro-Wall’s wide range of products helps designers meet or exceed thermal requirements for different climates anywhere in the world. Moreover, Euro-Wall’s accordion glass partitions are offered for both impact and non-impact applications. The impact-rated applications meet the strict Florida Building Code and have the highest design pressure (DP) rating of any folding door available. 


What makes Euro-Wall’s Folding Glass Partitions Superior?


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