Euro-Wall Storefront Folding Doors

Versatile and strong, Euro-Wall storefront folding doors provide a modern look for most commercial properties and restaurants. When open, they allow for a seamless transition between spaces and establish connections to the outside.

American Made. European Inspired.

To make spaces stand out, Euro-Wall offers the widest range of panel sizes, materials (aluminum and wood-clad) and glass options such as Low Emissivity (Low-E), reflective beach glass as well as bomb and bullet-resistant glass. This expands the available options for folding door placements in the market and also allows the storefront folding doors to be used in new construction, retrofit as well as remodeling of existing structures. 

Excelling Performance Everywhere

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also provides security and the ability to withstand inclement weather such as high winds and hurricanes. In fact, Euro-Wall storefront units are Florida Product Approved and meet the strict Florida Building Code. In particular, our aluminum folding doors meet large and small missile impact, water resistance and wind resistance requirements.

In addition to storefront folding doors, all Euro-Wall products such as sliding, stacking, pivot and French doors meet the tough and stringent building codes required by coastal authorities and can be used in High Velocity and Hurricane Zones. 

Why Euro-Wall?

Euro-Wall provides flexibility like no one else. Our storefront folding glass doors can span as wide as 56ft with unlimited panels. They can also be single or double active swings, allowing egress without opening the entire door system. To suit project-specific needs, storefront folding doors can either be top-track or bottom-track load-bearing for different structural load requirements. What’s more, all our products are warranted for 10 years, so the performance of your storefront folding doors is assured! 

Service Guaranteed! 

Euro-Wall is number one in customer service. We’re here to answer all your questions about the production, installation or operation of your Euro-Wall door systems. Contact us to get a quote for your doors today.