FL Product Approval - NOA - HVHZ

Protecting structures from the extreme hurricane-prone Florida weather begins with the exterior envelope.


Florida Building Code Requirements

Florida state law requires certain building envelope components and systems to have either a statewide or local product approval to demonstrate resistance to structural wind loads, defined by the Florida Building Codes, as a prerequisite for your building permit approval.


A majority of Euro-Wall's door systems have been tested to the stringent requirements of the Florida building code and have obtained Florida Product Approvals allowing our products to be used throughout the state including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). To address the questions regarding Florida Product Approval for statewide use and local product approvals such as Miami-Date Notice of Acceptance (NOA) we have provided this FAQ.

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What is an NOA Approval?

A Miami-Date Notice of Acceptance (NOA) is a local product approval to meet the code criteria in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) as defined by the Florida Building Codes (FBC).

What is a Florida Product Approval?

By Florida state law, building envelope components such as roofing, shutters, doors and windows are required to have a Florida Product Approval that provides evidence that the product is suitable for use in the state of Florida based on standards set in the current Florida Building Codes. Specific limitations of use are provided that limits the approved product's use to rated structural loads. These approved products can be found on the Building Code Information System (BCIS)

What is the HVHZ?

Per section 202 of the Florida Building Code, the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) is defined as "This area consists of Broward and Miami-Date Counties."

Is the Testing the Same for HVHZ as it is for an NOA?

With regards to the Florida Building Code requirements, the testing is the same. The evaluation protocols are followed and the same performance quality assurance criteria are required. A product with a statewide Florida Product Approval that shows "Approved for use in the HVHZ" has met the same testing standards as a product with a Miami-Dade NOA in compliance with the Florida Building Codes for both impact and non-impact rated products.

What Regions Does Each Encompass?

A Florida Product Approval is good statewide and can also be used in Miami-Dade and Broward counties if the BCIS is listing includes the HVHZ endorsement. A Miami-Dade NOA is only a local product approval though the NOA may be used by a product manufacturer to apply for a statewide Florida Product Approval.

Is the Product Required to have either a Florida Product Approval or a Miami-Dade NOA to Sell into Miami-Dade or Broward Counties?

Yes, you can use either a Miami-Dade NOA or a Florida Product Approval that includes the approval for use in the HVHZ. Only one is necessary.