Folding Glass Doors Overview

The Vista Fold™ is a popular folding glass door system that provides unobstructed views and seamless transitions between spaces in both residential and commercial projects. When open or fitted with glass panels, these doors blur boundaries and provide a better connection between spaces. To best deliver on project-specific requirements, Euro-Wall custom builds for each application.

American Made. European Inspired.

Personalizing styles and sizes

Our folding glass doors are offered in an array of choices ranging from aluminum and wood-clad options, including many color options. We also offer more panel choices than any other manufacturer, which allows us to meet or exceed thermal requirements for different climates anywhere in the world. The flexibility of design and size allows Euro-Wall’s folding glass doors to be used in new construction, retrofit or remodeling of existing structures.

Endurance is not a question

Euro-Wall offers folding glass doors for both impact and nonimpact applications. Our impact-rated door systems are designed for High Velocity Wind and Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) and easily meet the strict Florida Building Code. They also have the highest Design Pressure (DP) rating as compared to any folding door available in the market.

Euro-Wall ensures performance! 

Euro-Wall offers a complete 10-year warranty, more than three times the industry standard. Please refer to our full warranty for more information, terms & conditions, returns & allowances, claims policy, and other general information.

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