Impact Rated Bi-Folding Doors

Euro-Wall produces the largest variety of impact rated bi-folding doors. We offer full aluminum doors, as well as eight different types of wood and wood / aluminum clad. Our impact rated door systems have been tested to the highest testing standards in the world, and have passed TAS 201, TAS 202,and TAS 203 impact testing using large missile testing protocols. Our bi-folding doors have the widest and the tallest approved panels for our impact rated folding door system, allowing for greater design and building creativity. Euro-Wall impact rated folding door systems have achieved up to 100+/-100 dp's confirming that you don't have to sacrifice form over function and safety. Euro-Wall is simply the best choice for doors that offer storm protection.



If you don't need impact rated doors but are still interest in the bi-fold design, we also have non-impact glass available.

American Made. European Inspired.