Impact Sliding Glass Doors

Florida A Unique Market

Florida is a unique market when it comes to windows and doors. Why? One word, hurricanes. The sunshine state might as well be called the hurricane state for all intents and purposes due to the number of storms that strike Florida during the hurricane season months of June 1st through November 30th. Because of this, Florida has developed stringent building codes that all exterior windows and doors must comply with called the Florida Product Approval. Additionally, further compliance must be met in Miami-Dade and Broward counties - HVHZ approval. All of these benchmarks for building are put into place in order to protect property and life against hurricanes and inclement weather. Therefore, all windows and doors in Florida have to be impact rated...but not all impact rated doors are created equal.

American Made. European Inspired.

Euro-Vista Multi Slide®

Euro-Wall's newest product, the Euro Vista Multi Slide®, are impact rated sliding doors that contain features no other impact sliding door can claim. These impact sliding doors can be built with panels measuring up to 10' in height and up to 8' in width. These massive impact rated panels allow fewer panels to fill any given large opening. The result of less panels is larger uninterrupted views as fewer panels mean less metal and more glass. Further contributing to a maximum uninterrupted view is the fact that each interlock (where panels meet when closed in an opening) measures less than 1" in sightline. This slim sightline is the smallest sightline available on the market. Less metal obscuring the view makes these impact sliding glass doors aesthetically pleasing while providing maximum protection against hurricane force winds.

Euro-Wall's sliding glass doors also provide ease of traffic flow with an embedded sill option. The embedded sill option allows clean clearance with no threshold to cross when crossing the inside / outside space. Additionally, the embedded sill does not require a sill riser to meet water requirements.

Our Standards - Others Upgrades

All of Euro-Wall's impact sliding glass doors come with a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defect. This is the best warranty in the fenestration industry. Additionally, the standard coating for all Euro-Wall products is an AAMA 2605 while other window and door companies upcharge for this premium coating. The AAMA 2605 coating provides 10 year protection against fading, 10 year protection against chalking and is salt spray tested for up to 4,000 hours. Again, this industry leading coating is a standard issue for all Euro-Wall products including our impact sliding glass doors.

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