5 Benefits of Impact Rated Doors and Windows

Expertly engineered to protect homes, families, and businesses from hurricane-grade winds and other forms of powerful weather, Euro-Wall’s impact rated doors and windows can benefit any project. Designed to increase security and comfort while remaining aesthetically pleasing, our products not only create a breathtaking view, but also use materials that will ensure the safety and integrity of any structure.

Listed below are 5 benefits to adding impact rated glass to your home or business.

1) Protection against storm damage.

Due to the abrupt change in relative pressure during a hurricane, window and door breakage can lead to immense structural damage. If you live in a region that is annually threatened by tropical storms, your best defense against destruction is properly installed impact glass. Engineered specifically for high-velocity hurricane zones and rigorously tested, it is incredibly strong, able to withstand enormous amounts of abuse. Instead of shattering when struck by a great force, impact glass panels will remain intact (even if cracked), keeping a building’s interior protected.

2) Stronger building security.

Criminals usually enter a home or business through a glass door or window, which is why impact rated glass serves as a major deterrent against unwanted intruders. If struck, the glass will remain as a whole unit, yielding no point of entry. Impact doors and windows cannot be removed from the outside, and typically have stronger locking mechanisms than ones with non-impact glass, reinforcing any building and ensuring its safety.

3) Noise reduction for quieter interiors.

Impact glass absorbs noise and significantly reduces exterior commotion, providing a quieter and more peaceful interior environment. It creates a tighter seal and a thicker barrier against the outside world, creating a comfortable pocket, free of sound pollution and allowing for better concentration. While they are not sound-proof, hurricane rated doors and windows can greatly muffle ambient noise and outdoor disturbances such as thunder, sirens, barking dogs, lawn mowers, and construction.

4) Advanced temperature and condensation control.

A common issue with traditional doors and windows is that temperature can vary greatly in different areas of a structure. Rooms on the west and south sides of building are most directly hit by the sun, and can tend to end up warmer than other areas. Impact glass helps to keep entire spaces at a more stable and even temperature, as well as helping with insulation, which increases a build’s energy efficiency. Hurricane rated doors and windows also discourage the formation of condensation, which is the leading cause of door and window degradation. Reducing excess moisture helps eliminate the threat of mold growth and other allergens as well, which is a relief to asthma sufferers.

5) Long lasting reliability.

Impact doors and windows are both easy to operate and reliable. No matter the weather conditions or emergency, they are stable and dependable through the years. Hurricane rated glass has been proven to be a wise investment even if you plan to sell your home in the future, because buyers are willing to pay more for a home with impact rated products already installed. This means you’ll get a higher return on your investment, while enjoying all the added benefits listed above in the meantime.

Make Euro-Wall part of your next fenestration project.

Euro-Wall also offers impact rated door systems, available in multi slide, folding, pivot, stacking, and fixed options. While maintaining elegant aesthetics, our doors are built with the highest quality materials. Euro-Wall’s door systems use the highest quality finishes, come with a minimum 10 year warranty, and are Florida Product Approved. To learn more, check out our page on hurricane rated doors.