5 Benefits of Oversized Doors

1) Biophilic design for healthy living.

Biophilic design incorporates elements of nature into a space, encouraging both beautiful aesthetics and healthy living. Due to oversized panels needing much less of a frame, large doors have the ability to flood a property with more natural light; this helps combat feelings of seasonal depression and aids with Vitamin D absorption. When opened, these doors also let in a higher volume of fresh air, maximizing breezy airflows and inspiring people to get out of their own 4 walls.

2) Massive, uninterrupted views.

Adding an oversized door to a space can also heighten the appreciation for the landscape outside of it, even while someone is sitting indoors. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the sparkling sun rays, swaying greenery, and pastel sunsets nature has to offer from the comfort of their couch? Pairing ultra slim panel sightlines with large panes of glass can result in the most breathtaking panoramic views of the outdoors.

3) Modern aesthetic.

Oversized doorways can add a modern aesthetic appeal to any building, and create a lasting first impression on any visitor. They add a touch of luxury to modest spaces and can elevate projects that are already extravagant to new levels. Large doors can completely transform the look and feel of a building with extra personality and are very welcoming, especially if used for a structure’s main entrance. They are able to merge indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly with their grand size, adding appeal to a front or back yard while also making interior spaces look magnified.

4) Increased level of functionality.

Larger doors are more functional than smaller or narrower doors. Wide spaces are much easier to move in and out of, especially for those transporting furniture or struggling with a load of groceries. Oversized doors are also more convenient for individuals with special needs; it’s much easier to get wheelchairs, ramps, and other mobility vehicles through openings of ample size. Larger doors can eliminate many of the challenges and hassles that narrow doors simply cannot.

5) Improved temperature control.

No matter what weather conditions are present during the year, heated or cooled air in a building can be lost to the outdoors through air leakage. One would think that a glass oversized door would let in more heat and cold than a series of smaller openings, but the opposite is true. Leakage tends to happen where the glass and the frame of a door meet each other, so oversized doors naturally tend to leak less air per unit area than a series of smaller doors.

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