Antimicrobial Handle Coating Option

In order to do our part in response to reducing the risk of bacteria and other contagions from spreading, Euro-Wall is offering an antimicrobial coating for our multi point and ladder pull handles.

80% of all infectious diseases are spread through physical contact – and the most touched and used elements on any building (whether it be residential or commercial) are the door handles. Euro-Wall’s antimicrobial coating uses silver ions to inhibit the growth of microbes on the surface. The silver ions attache themselves to the microbe’s cellular enzyme prohibiting the growth of the microbe. This reduces the spread of bacteria, fungi and mold. Because silver is a naturally occurring element, this coating is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the certified antimicrobial coating has been tested and found to effectively restrict microbes such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli, and has passed rigid independent laboratory test JIS Z 2801. Certification documents are available on request.

This coating offering from Euro-Wall retains its capability to inhibit microbes over time and with proper care and occasional cleaning has an excellent anti-corrosion rate. The coating also comes with a 2 year warranty for all applications including residential and commercial usages.

To learn more about our antimicrobial coating, please contact our quoting department by calling (941) 979-5316 or emailing them at today.