Fall Trends You Really Autumn Know: 2022

Fall in love with minimalism.

Warm mugs, falling leaves, pumpkin patches, cool nights – fall is fast approaching, with all the colorful and cozy decor that comes with it. This year, fall trends are leaning toward more subtle changes, welcoming the new season in a more understated way. Rather than swapping out temporary decor items that need to be rotated out for the next holiday, we’re seeing less cluttered, timeless spaces. Many of fall’s interior design trends can be used throughout the year as more permanent additions to homes, to always capture that crisp and enchanting feel.

2022’s autumn will be comprised of rich earth tones, dark wood finishes, warm toned walls, textured furniture, and dried florals. Each element is designed with a soft aesthetic in mind for a grounded scheme, with an emphasis on natural materials, patterns, and shapes. Walnuts and soothing oaks are popular this year, and are a wonderful way of bringing the outside in for the fall months. You can incorporate these looks into your own project with our interior-only wood clad finish options; we offer standard mahogany / sapele or white oak, plus additional exotic wood species can be viewed here.

Beat the chill with warm tones.

The most trendy colors emerging for fall are deep earthy shades such as olive and moss greens. Warm tans, caramels, and browns will be also be trending, along with warm beiges and off whites. These more muted tones are perfect for enriching spaces and bringing in a sense of calm this season. If you’d like to incorporate these palettes into your own aluminum project, Euro-Wall can color match any color swatch to give your space the perfect feel.

A fall home should be a place where you can recharge. Warm wood palettes and textured furniture take center stage this season, bringing relaxation and restoration. The “cottagecore” concept has gained traction on mainstream social media and is perfect for autumn, with its focus on handmade accents, gentle color palettes, and cottage style decorating. The term was minted in 2020, when people were on lockdown and began appreciating the comforts of everything homemade. This aesthetic can easily be accomplished with our custom faux wood grain cladding finishes, available here.

Keep it natural.

To conclude: less is more for this fall. Anything that feels warm and welcoming is in, as people move to fill their spaces with a sense of comfort and airiness. Natural elements inspired by the outdoors are increasing in popularity, and deep earth tones calm and ground us. The cozy trend is ideal for making your inside space into a sanctuary cocooned from the chaos outside.

Don’t forget that Euro-Wall’s thermally broken folding and sliding doors are perfect for keeping warm air in and cold air out. Both door systems​ ​provide unobstructed views of the changing seasons and seamless transitions to the outside with increased energy efficiency. To learn more, visit our folding and sliding product pages.