How the Super Bowl Teaches Lessons About Door Systems

Whether the team you were rooting for won or lost the Super Bowl last night (or you simply tuned in to watch the commercials), there is something to witnessing sport’s history! That being said – did you know Euro-Wall Systems designs and produces stadium door systems? When was the last time you went to a sporting event or a concert for your favorite band and thought to yourself, “man, those are some great stadium doors!”…probably never! Despite this, selecting the right door system is an integral piece of the user safety and experience at these large event venues. Below we break down the traits that makes Euro-Wall a superior choice for stadium style projects.

Flexibility With Purpose and Security in Mind.

Stadium doors need to be versatile in their form and function. When closed, Euro-Wall large venue door systems provide a barrier between spaces that can keep the elements out while still allowing for maximum light and viewing area. When open, the Euro-Wall stadium door systems allow easy access from one point to another while keeping the closed framed doors out of the way allowing for maximum access for large crowds to traverse from space to space.

Building off of the point of flexibility – Euro-Wall Systems produces some of the largest door panel heights and widths in the industry. This opens up the possibilities for a variety of door panel sizes creating more viewable space while reducing the amount of door frame that could obstruct crowd vantage views.

Another point to evaluate (one that you probably have never given a second thought to) is crowd traffic flow inside of a stadium. Foot traffic can vary widely from location to location dependent upon a variety of factors making each stadium’s need unique to its environment. Euro-Wall door systems provide options to accommodate for virtually any traffic pattern. In-swing and out-swing door options, hidden pocket doors, 90 degree radius systems are just some of the options that can be utilized to provide the best solution for a project’s specific crowd traffic needs.

Furthermore, when evaluating Euro-Wall stadium door systems, security and stability need to be considered. Stadium doors absolutely have to be built to last. For example, most stadium event centers host an average capacity of 20,5000 people per event with an average of 150 events a year. That equates to over 3 million visitors per year!!! Euro-Wall Systems uses architect grade materials on all of our door systems providing long lasting life despite heavy load and repetitive usage. Additionally, when it comes to security, Euro-Wall offers Florida Impact Rated products at heights and widths larger than any other competitor. Impact rated systems when closed and secured provide a safe barrier keeping outside hostile elements at bay.

But don’t just take our word for it, evaluate our stadium systems for yourself. Our next stadium door system will be featured soon at the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches – makes sure to stay tuned to check out the progress…

So the next time you go out to support your favorite team or loosen your vocals to sing along with your favorite band, stop and take a minute to consider the little things that go into stadium door systems that provide you with a comfortable, efficient and safe experience.