Winter Trends You Should Snow: 2022/2023

Bring nature indoors.

Winter is soon arriving, and homes are becoming a place to get cozy, slow down, and restore. Adding greenery, such as some houseplants, will bring vitality into living spaces. Current trends have focused on experimenting with shades of green, especially darker jades, emeralds, myrtles, and olives. These colors create soothing and lush pallets inspired by Mother Nature, and mix well with more urban and modern designs. 

Paring down clutter and adding a few organic accent items will breathe new life into any space this season. Natural dark woods will be incorporated into homes, pairing with jute, rattan, and wicker accessories. You can bring organic aesthetics into your own project with our interior-only wood clad finish options; we offer standard mahogany / sapele or white oak, plus additional exotic wood species can be viewed here.

Create cozy ambiance.

Rustic colors and textures will help make spaces feel more inviting and warm, which is ideal for the icy months ahead. Deep blues, browns, yellows, crimsons, and mauves will all be in style this season, and tonal elements such as natural fabrics can compete with the dull and dreary weather outside. Textures like silk, wool, and fur will bring soft comfort to chase away the chill, and leather upholstery is making a big comeback, especially in contrast with soft chunky fabrics. 

The laidback, earthy styles of the 70’s are also finding new life in 2022. Eclectic mixes of patterns evoke free-spiritedness and optimism, including shag pile rugs, velvet furnishings, animal prints, and geometric shapes. Adding accent pieces with pleats, speckles, ruffles, and soft edges will pull out nostalgic emotions, with small handmade details bringing in a romantic and cozy energy. Bold, interesting designs are also in, like flecked pottery or oversized vases.

Warm up your space.

To conclude: winter trends will involve rich woods, moody tones, chunky textures, greenery, and earthy elements. These elements together will effortlessly create calming environments, perfect for those warm holiday gatherings and celebrations. 

Beat the chill this winter with Euro-Wall’s thermally broken folding and sliding doors, ideal for keeping warm air in and cold air out. Both door systems provide unobstructed views of the changing seasons and seamless transitions to the outside with increased energy efficiency. To learn more, visit our folding and sliding product pages.