American Harvest Miami

The idea of farm to table has been a growing movement over the past decade as consumers more and more like to know exactly “where does the food I eat come from?” This desire to get back to basics with high quality ingredients is the mission of American Harvest located in Miami, Florida.
The American Harvest restaurant is a communal comfortable setting that focuses on high quality food and a communal experience. The ability to share food with friends and neighbors using ingredients that are locally farmed fresh is what builds this communal experience. This philosophy of using quality locally produced products to create an excellent experience is American Harvest’s goal not only for their food, but also for their commercial setting.

To create an open, inviting, neighborly feel to match their food philosophy American Harvest chose our Euro-Wall System impact rated folding door. So how does choosing a door manufacturer equate to the philosophy of a farm to table restaurant? Consider this – a farm to table thought process focuses on using local high quality ingredients to produce the best product possible. This is the philosophy behind all of the Euro-Wall door systems. We are an American company using only the highest grade products to produce our door system all 100% manufactured in the USA. The highest quality parts to produce the highest quality product.

The choice of American Harvest to choose Euro-Wall as its door vendor runs deeper than this philosophy though. Our Euro-Wall folding doors are impact rated for the entire state of Florida including HVHZ approved for Miami Dade and Broward Counties. To provide impact rated hurricane door systems in Miami and the surrounding areas while being HVHZ approved it takes a superior level of quality and engineering. In addition to being HVHZ approved Euro-Wall also boast the tallest and widest possible panels available on the market. This provides a flexibility that no one else can provide.

American Harvest, Miami Florida

At the end of the day, American Harvest’s partnership with Euro-Wall Systems provides their farm to table restaurant with a flexible hurricane rated folding door system that is inviting to all guests to come in and enjoy a communal food experience.