B Too

If you’re looking for some delicious Belgian cuisine, B Too is the place to go. Located in the heart of Washington, DC, B Too aims to offer guests the best possible culinary experience. They achieve this through their design, decor and of course, the food. From the moment guests enter the 5,000 square foot restaurant, the comfortable, homey vibe can be felt throughout. There are two floors that include a main level dining room, lower-level lounge and bar, lower-level lounge and dining room and a waffle bar. A focal point is the open kitchen where you will find the only Spanish-design Josper oven in the city, which is used for charcoal grilling. 

The menus are compilations of the multi-faceted executive chef and owner, Bart Vandaele’s, life work. Chef Bart has an extensive background in Belgian cuisine and was honored by the Master Cooks of Belgium. Aside from being a master chef, Bart was also officially knighted by the order of Leopold II. After years of promoting Belgian cuisine and beer in D.C., he has earned the nickname “the Belgian guy” amongst the locals. After establishing the demand for his cuisine, he decided it was time to open B Too.

During the planning phase, Bart chose his team of designers and architects carefully. It’s important to find other people and companies who genuinely share your vision and understand what you want to achieve. Part of Bart’s plans to create this warm, welcoming space was accomplished with Euro-Wall’s Euro Vista Fold folding doors. Euro-Wall and Bart share the same levels for attention to detail and product quality, which made this partnership flawless.

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