Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond was founded in 1971, by Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein. They originally called it Bed ’n Bath and opened their first location in New Jersey. By 1985, the name changed to Bed Bath & Beyond and the number of locations rose to 17. Over the next several decades, Bed Bath & Beyond continued to evolve, grow and improve their stores. In 2016, they incorporated a dining bar into their Brooklyn, New York location. 

There were many options for Bed Bath & Beyond to choose when deciding what type of partition to use to enclose the dining bar area. Additionally, once they chose which type of door system to use, there were numerous manufacturers to choose from. Their requirements for the door system included stacking, 90° corner postless, split configuration and transoms. Euro-Wall fit the bill on all accounts and was able to provide everything the client needed by using Euro-Wall’s Stacking door system. 

This door system is a top hung stacking door system that provides you an uninterrupted view whether they are open or closed. Each panel can span up to 96” wide and up to 188” tall. These doors are offered in in many different panel finishes and color options. They can be produced in aluminum or wood clad and have hardware finish options including brushed satin, bronze or custom powder coat. They are flexible in the sense that they can be utilized in new construction, retro-fit or remodeling of existing structures. To learn more about our stacking door system, check out the product brochure.