Charlotte Harbor Residence

The Charlotte Harbor residence pictured below suffered a direct hit by Hurricane Ian. This home features two sets of Euro-Wall Multi Slide doors, standing at 8’ tall. The structure sustained winds of 150mph for 7 hours and passed through both eyewalls of the storm. While the home suffered major devastation both inside and out, the impact rated 9/16″ solarban 70 glass remained perfectly intact.

Striking in the fall of 2022, Ian was the deadliest hurricane to hit the state of Florida since 1935. It made landfall on Sept 28th in southwest Florida, causing widespread property damage (about $67 billion), massive power outages, and devastating flooding. It has tied with several other storms becoming the 5th-strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the contiguous United States. Ian affected much of the southeast United States, reminding everyone how crucial it is to be prepared. At Euro-Wall, we apply the same “prepared” mentality to all of our hurricane rated door systems. With storm season lasting from June to November, we make sure your family, homes, and businesses are ready for anything.

Euro-Wall’s hurricane rated sliding doors are an ideal way to protect your home or business. The Euro Vista Multi Slide™ is unlike any other impact rated multi slide door, built with the highest quality materials while maintaining elegant aesthetics. The panel interlock, at less than 1”, is the slimmest sight line profile available, providing the largest views and the maximum panel to glass ratios. The panels can span up to 70 sq ft, with heights up to 12′ and widths up 8.’ Multi Slide doors glide open and closed effortlessly thanks to the patented EZ Glide™ roller system, with even the most massive panels maintaining an impact rating for inclement weather areas. The Euro Vista Multi Slide™ is a truly unique sliding door system and provides consumer benefits that can not be found anywhere else. To learn more, check out our Multi Slide product page.