Harpoon Harry’s Crab Shack

Harpoon Harry’s Crab Shack, located in the Tampa Convention Center as of January 2019, is Smuggler Enterprises’s newest restaurant addition to their multifaceted food, beverage and event company. Smugglers started building their one one-of-a-kind restaurants in Punta Gorda, FL in 1993. While the establishments vary when it comes to decor and menu options, they all share the same core principles: “Quality food, quality service in a clean and maintained environment.”

With quality as its core value, Harpoon Harry’s Crab Shack’s entire concept is designed with creating the best guest experience possible. Boasting a massive 40-foot-long sushi and oyster bar, two bars, custom woodwork throughout its entirety and over 500 seats split between two levels, it’s safe to say this is far from you average crab shack. Smuggler Enterprise’s CEO Ron Evans is who these nontraditional architectural designs and furnishings plans originated from. 

Keeping quality and innovative architecture in mind, Smugglers sought a door company to partner with who shares these core values. Euro-Wall’s Euro Fold™ impact rated restaurant folding doors were the perfect fit. These restaurant folding doors are built with 6063-T5 grade aluminum, AAMA 2605 finishes, offer design flexibility and that cannot be rivaled and are the only folding doors in Florida with the Florida Product Approval for a whopping 12 feet height limit.

With his partnership with Euro-Wall, Evans decided that the indoor and outdoor spaces should feel as if they are one in the same. Bob McDonaugh, Tampa’s administrator of economic opportunity said, “You’ll see ribbons of glass. Instead of a blank wall and face, you’re going to see windows and glass.” 

Euro-Wall’s dedication to produce superior restaurant folding doors is what made the partnership with Harpoon Harry’s Crab Shack successful. Whether you are designing a brand new establishment or have an existing one that is ready to renovate and improve customer experience, Euro-Wall’s restaurant folding doors can achieve your goals.

Harpoon Harry’s Crab Shack’s Motto:

“It’s not just a restaurant, it is an adventure.”