Holy City Brewing

Born in 2011 from the combined talents and resources of four men, Holy City Brewing in North Charleston, SC is a one-of-a-kind rags to riches story. It began with Joel Carl and Sean Nemitz partnering to home-brew in a rickshaw shed, soon expanding to Mac Minaudo’s 4000-square foot warehouse. With the addition of Chris Brown, who was fresh out of brewer’s school, the brewery blossomed into something the community was proud of.

In 2015, Joel Norman and Elliott Taylor helped establish an in-house kitchen and food menu. By 2017, the crew had outgrown their original location and purchased an old public works building. The doors of the new space opened to the public in 2019, holding a four-vessel 30 barrels system and a taproom accommodating more than 300 people. After keeping afloat during the pandemic, Holy City revealed new improvements to their property in 2021, including an outdoor stage, a stand-alone can bar, and a 450-capacity private event space.

The newly added event building, called the Porter Room, aims to bring the local Charleston community and craft beer together. Located beside the beautiful Noisette Creek, the unique venue is an ideal space for weddings, corporate meetings, retreats, dinners, and other social gatherings. Euro-Wall’s multi slide doors were included in this project to allow a seamless extension between the structure and the outdoor waterfront, elevating the experience of this versatile marsh location. The doors are 5ft wide and 10ft tall, built to pocket behind glass panels on either side.

Euro-Wall’s multi slide doors fit seamlessly into any product, spanning heights up to 14’ tall and opening widths of roughly 30’ wide. Our exterior doors are resistant to moisture, weathering, and UV radiation, and can transform any type of residential or commercial space. All of Euro-Wall’s door systems use the highest quality finishes, come with a minimum 10 year warranty, and are Florida Product Approved. To learn more about how our multi slide doors can enhance your next project, visit our product page.