Libby’s of Sarasota

After being open for ten years the owners of Libby’s restaurant knew that change was in order to keep up with the trends of the downtown Sarasota cuisine scene. The ownership behind Libby’s, Tableside Restaurant Group, closed Libby’s for nearly a year to accomplish their renovation mission. This mission put forth by Libby’s was to to create an open dining experience.  

After a year of hard work remodeling the facility and the menu, Libby’s is no longer a dimly lit eatery but rather a warm, open and inviting eating experience. There is now an open kitchen where chicken, ribs, duck, vegetables and more are all on display in an open rotisserie inviting guests to openly get a sneak peak at their food preparation. The Tableside Restaurant Group wanted to push this concept of openness throughout the entire dining process; with a new open eating experience the atmosphere simply had to match. Libby’s chose Euro-Wall System’s Euro Multi Slide® sliding doors to accomplish this goal. Our Dealer contact on this project was Adam Walker with Certi-Pro, the architect contact Jedd W. Heap with Leader Design Studio and the interior design company is Sawa Design Studio, LLC.

The utilization of the Euro Multi Slide® now enables the front of the restaurant to easily open creating an environment that blurs the lines between outside and in. This empowers the staff to be more efficient in serving their guests and also provides the guests the ability to enjoy the inside and outside no matter where they are seated. Even in the hot dog days of Florida summers when the doors will be closed, the Euro Vista Multi Slide® has the slimmest sightlines (less than 1”) providing maximum glass to metal ratio ensuring uninterrupted views for the dining guests. The Multi Slide panels can also be built up to 8’ wide and 10’ (12’ outside of Florida) tall further ensuring a maximum viewing experience. The Euro Vista Multi Slide is also Florida Product Approved ensuring that Libby’s will be safe against hurricanes and other inclement weather.

Safety, security, ease of use, maximum view and hurricane protection all make the Euro Vista Multi Slide® a great choice for the newly renovated Libby’s restaurant.