Looking Back on 2022: A Year in Review

As we make our way into the new year and the door closes on 2022, we would like to look back on some of the memorable projects we have completed this past year. As always, we couldn’t have done this without our incredible dealers, vendors, and employees; thank you for making this year remarkable.

The following are some projects we had the pleasure of working on!

Crabby’s Dockside at Fort Pierce

Located in Florida’s beautiful Sunrise city at Fort Pierce Inlet and surrounding the Indian River Lagoon, Crabby’s Dockside offers a family-friendly atmosphere and two stories of dining. The first floor has an ice cream shop serving up to 24 flavors, while the second floor offers both enclosed sitting and open-air dining made possible by 9 Euro-Wall bar top folding doors.

The VIE Beach House

Located in Florida’s Seagrove Beach, this is the fourth home project that VIE Magazine has undertaken. The design was created with an ideal life in mind, where one can enjoy the natural surroundings and relax in a unique home oasis. In order to maximize the view and create a smooth transition between the living room and pool deck, a 5 panel Euro-Wall multi slide door was installed into this 20’ opening, complete with custom muntins.

The New American Home® 2022 

This year’s edition of The New American Home® (TNAH) is a modern, coastal home in Florida’s Laureate Park at Lake Nona. Euro-Wall was proud to be one of many participating companies of this project, providing two matching pivot doors for the front entryway and second floor balcony. Both doors have custom midrails and white oak cladded interiors, contributing to the home’s clean aesthetic design.

Camargo Family Smart Home

Romy’s current Florida living situation was not conducive to his mobility and accessibility requirements. Through the generosity of the Gary Sinise Foundation, with assistance from trusted partners and the American public, a specially adapted smart home was built for him and his family. Euro-wall donated motorized, self-opening multi slide doors to meet his unique needs.

Heritage Dunes

The Heritage (a VIE Magazine Legacy Show Home) in Seagrove Beach, Florida was originally an open plan until interior designer Duce May suggested enclosing the space. Euro-Wall’s folding bar top system provides unforgettable panoramic views and connect Heritage Dune residents with the expertly landscaped land, nearby glistening shores, and tranquil golf waters. The cladded interior brings character to the home, providing unobstructed views and seamless transitions to the outside.

Credit One Stadium

The renovation of the Credit One Stadium (formerly the Volvo Car Stadium) in Charleston, South Carolina ushers in a new era of entertainment and sports for its surrounding community. Euro-Wall’s folding and bar top multi slide doors enclose all of the suites in the stadium, modernizing the space while maintaining a sense of intimacy and privacy. The extensive revitalization allowed the world-class facility to transform into the ideal premier venue for major concerts, shows, and international performances.