Oil Nut Bay

The Oil Nut Bay Residence in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands is a linear building that parallels the contours of the surrounding topography, boasting panoramic and plunging views of the sea. The 4,000 square foot home was designed by Montgomery + Townsend Architecture and Design and explores the traditional prototypical home aesthetic of a courtyard house, allowing the surrounding landscape to take center focus of the space. The home contains a single master suite, private Zen garden, secluded hot tub, junior master suite, two guest rooms, yoga deck, and a plethora of public spaces for guests to enjoy. The structure blends into its surroundings, revealing only the main levels of the house to the outside and tucking away an interior which takes advantage of the sweeping views. “Using Euro-Wall to achieve very minimal sight interference at the windows was critical to the project, and sets this project apart from most others in the development and region.”

A One-of-a-Kind Design

Oil Nut Bay works with the existing conditions and steep topography of the site, with courtyards and subtractions breaking up the interior program and elongating the house. To eliminate an excessively elevated driveway, this residence’s unique entrance was placed on the roof; upon arrival, visitors pass through a vine covered wall into a foyer and are immediately confronted with breathtaking views of Necker Island and the ocean. A large entrance staircase descends to the main levels of the building and into a large outdoor sitting area, which divides the public spaces from the more private living sections of the upper level. The lower levels devolve into terraces and begin integrating the house into the surrounding natural landscape, featuring an outdoor path leading from the house to a small private beach.

Why Euro-Wall

“We used Euro-wall for this project as it was the perfect blend of aesthetics, performance, and price.  We needed a unique product for this project in order to stand out, and not interfere with the wide window openings, so using a very thin frame profile was critical for this design.” Euro-Wall’s multi slide doors bring light and greenery into the interior of the home, allowing Oil Nut Bay’s living and dining areas to flow into one space and effectively doubling the size of the home. The glass in each door is impact rated and will stand up to hurricane force winds, provide assurance for years to come.

About Montgomery + Townsend Architecture and Design

Montgomery + Townsend Architecture and Design (MTAD) is a boutique, full service architecture firm. They specialize in providing thoughtful and bespoke architectural projects with an emphasis on custom single-family residences. MTAD is led by founders Andrew Montgomery and Steven Townsend, and has offices located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Seattle, and Washington. Andrew and Steven met in architecture school, refining their common design aesthetic after countless hours together in the studio and while studying abroad in Switzerland. After almost eight years of working independently at different boutique firms, they joined forces to create MTAD. Andrew and Steven bring a collaborative approach to all projects, pulling from their unique and varied experiences.

Choose Euro-Wall For Your Next Fenestration Project

Euro-Wall’s multi slide doors fit seamlessly into any product, spanning heights up to 14’ tall and opening widths of roughly 30’ wide. Our exterior doors are resistant to moisture, weathering, and UV radiation, and can transform any type of residential or commercial space. All of Euro-Wall’s door systems use the highest quality finishes, come with a minimum 10 year warranty, and are Florida Product Approved. To learn more about how our multi slide doors can enhance your next project, visit our product page.


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