Strang Reserve

The Strang Reserve is a new events venue in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. The project was a build-out of an existing commercial shell, with choices made specifically to accommodate multiple types of space usage.

The project owner wanted to create a space that would rival existing event venues and provide a sophisticated meetings and events alternative for business owners in the area. It was important to have a space that was both ready to be used with minimal decoration and that could be adapted for multiple types of events.

Euro-Wall folding doors were selected because the architects and project owner wanted to have the flexibility to have an outdoor element to the space, which is on the corner of a bustling intersection with no external patio space. Incorporating Euro-Wall folding doors allowed the indoor space to have the look and feel of an outdoor space when the doors are open, and to bring in abundant natural daylight when they’re closed.

Photo courtesy of Graphicmachine

The Euro-Wall doors met the desired height and the details (like handles and hinges) looked and felt high-end. Euro-Wall brought a great deal of value to the owner in terms of weather performance, ease of use, reliability, and very high-end aesthetics, all while staying within budget.

“The Euro-Wall doors definitely added value to the project. They help create a feeling of expansiveness and reduce the reliance on artificial light. They also help the project owner stay competitive by creating a pseudo-outdoor space in an area where that would otherwise be physically impossible.” – Abbey-Simons

These doors are offered for both impact and non impact applications, fits seamlessly into any product, and can span heights up to 14’. All of Euro-Wall’s door systems use the highest quality finishes and come with a minimum 10 year warranty. To learn more about how our folding doors can enhance your next project, visit our product page.

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