The Olivia’s NYC Roof Terrace

In the heart of New York City, The Olivias have redefined urban luxury living, and their latest endeavor involves a revolutionary transformation of their rooftop terrace. The integration of Euro Vista Multi Slide doors has not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also elevated the overall living experience for residents.

The Olivias, known for their commitment to providing residents with stunning views of the city, have taken it a step further. The sliding doors offer an uninterrupted panorama of the iconic New York skyline and have seamlessly blurred the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Residents can effortlessly transition from their stylish interiors to the expansive rooftop terrace, creating a harmonious connection with nature. This innovative design not only maximizes living space but also creates a sense of openness and freedom.

In addition to prioritizing aesthetics, the Euro Vista Multi Slide doors also align with modern sustainability practices. Their energy-efficient design helps in reducing overall energy consumption, contributing to a more eco-friendly living environment. The Olivias, by incorporating such environmentally conscious elements, showcase their commitment to sustainable urban living.

Euro-Wall’s multi slide doors fit seamlessly into any product, spanning heights up to 14’ tall and opening widths of roughly 30’ wide. All of Euro-Wall’s door systems use the highest quality finishes, come with a minimum 10 year warranty, and are Florida Product Approved. To learn more about how our multi slide doors can enhance your next project, visit our product page.

Contributors to The Olivia’s NYC Roof Terrace:

Dealer – ModernfoldStyles
Architect – Palette Architecture
Contractor – JRM Construction Management, LLC