Thoroughbred Club of America

Big hats, mint juleps and fancy finger foods immediately come to mind when thinking about horse racing. Did you know horse racing can be traced back for centuries from all over the globe? The Greeks introduced raced horses in their first Olympiads in 1174 A.D. The United States got their first taste of the sport when settlers from Britain arrived. The first racetrack in the US was named Newmarket and built in New York in 1655. It took another couple hundred years for horse racing to spread across the rest of the country. Today, there are more than 300 racetracks in operation throughout the country. 

Out of these hundreds of racetracks, one of the most prestigious quality centered tracks is the Thoroughbred Club of America. The club was assembled by a group of 15 men in Lexington Kentucky on March 12, 1932. The original intention of this club was to cater to any and all of the needs of Blue Grass and Kentucky horsemen, in an effort to further the development of racing and breeding in Kentucky. However, within the very first year they discovered the high-volume demand for involvement in the club which far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

This racetrack attracts an international crowd including Europe, South Africa, Canada to Mexico and the throughout United States. The desirability to be part of this club is attributed to the club’s core mission: “The Thoroughbred Club of America aims to promote, foster and encourage closer cooperation, better business relations, information and discussions in the Thoroughbred horse industry.” 

In 2015, the club decided to further their mission on presenting a superior experience by partnering with Euro-Wall Systems. The goal of this partnership was to transform the club’s guest experience by incorporating the Euro Fold™ doors into the clubhouse’s architecture. These doors created the opportunity for a fluid connection and unobstructed views between their indoor and outdoor spaces. This allows patrons to be in the comfort of the club’s indoor space, while still having the breathtaking views of the outdoor grounds and racetrack.