Ticety Iced Tea Bar

Ticety Iced Tea Bar in Coral Gables, Florida is a calm oasis for over 80 types of tea with housemade salads, sandwiches & French pastries. The interior design features a breathtaking living green wall design made of live folliage. This features and the rest of the correlating design creates a modern, organic and balanced atmosphere that is inviting for patrons to gather and relax.

With the interior design set, Ticety began searching for an impact folding door option that would be easy to operate and would create an inviting way to blend their outside sitting area with their inside tea bar all while complimenting their eclectic design. After speaking with several window and door companies, they chose our Euro-Wall impact rated folding door system due to the design flexibility, the high quality grade of our materials and our 10 year warranty. Ticety also utilized Euro-Wall’s custom powder coat option and selected a vibrant blue that matched the aesthetics of the interior. The end result is a flexible impact rated folding door that closes / opens the commercial space easily while providing an aesthetic that matches the modern vibrant vibe of Ticety.