Wildwood Crest Arts Pavilion

Nestled along the scenic shores of New Jersey, the Wildwood Crest Arts Pavilion has long been a hub for creativity and community engagement. Recently, through the partnership of ModernfoldStyles, this vibrant space underwent a transformative upgrade with the installation of Euro Vista Fold thermally broken doors, providing not only a practical solution but also a visual spectacle that enhances the overall aesthetic of the pavilion.

The folding doors bring a touch of versatility to the space. With their innovative folding mechanism, these doors effortlessly open up the pavilion to the surrounding landscape. This adaptability allows the pavilion to host a variety of events, from art exhibitions to community gatherings, with ease.

The doors maximize the infusion of natural light into the pavilion. This not only creates a bright and inviting atmosphere but also reduces the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, contributing to energy efficiency. The connection to the outdoors enhances the overall experience for both artists and visitors alike.

These doors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also engineered for durability and low maintenance. Their robust construction ensures longevity, making them an ideal choice for spaces that experience high foot traffic and various weather conditions. The doors stand as a testament to the commitment to quality and functionality.

Euro-Wall’s folding doors are offered for both impact and non impact applications, fits seamlessly into any product, and can span heights up to 14’. All of Euro-Wall’s door systems use the highest quality finishes and come with a minimum 10 year warranty. To learn more about how our folding doors can enhance your next project, visit our product page.