YETI Chooses Euro-Wall Solution

This featured product spotlight comes courtesy of YETI and their flagship store located in the heart of Austin Texas. When YETI designed their first-ever flagship store, they chose Euro-Wall’s folding door system as a flexible way to divide their store securely when need be and to conversely open up their space with ease. The diversity of the Euro Fold made it an easy design choice for YETI.

The YETI flagship store is a new way for people to connect with the YETI brand by immersing them in an atmosphere that encompasses the YETI lifestyle. Tradition was thrown out the window with their flagship design – it is part-shrine, part-backwater, part-bait shop and more. A shark suspends from the ceiling, the first fishing skiff to ever cross the Everglades rests right in the middle of the store, a live music stage is propped up by coolers – and tha’s not even the half of it. So the next time you are in the Austin area, make time to stop by this Austin destination and check out our Euro-Vista Fold™ folding doors while you are at it.