Quality Stackable Glass Partitions

Frameless and framed stacking glass partitions are popular choices for residential and commercial applications including mall front, room separation (movable glass walls) and open space concepts. Euro-Wall’s stacking glass partitions can handle an amazing max panel weight of 660lbs each, can span a width of 96" per panel and can reach heights of 188". The best part of Euro-Wall's stacking glass partitions is that you can have an unlimited number of panels, so no opening is too large for our stacking glass partitions.

American Made. European Inspired.

Customizing Aesthetics to Suit Needs

Our stacking glass partitions can be custom-built in the desired size and material choices to accentuate or blend into your residential or commercial space. Available options include framed aluminum, frameless, or framed aluminum with wood clad. Additionally, the hardware finish for stacking glass partitions comes standard in brushed satin or bronze and can be custom powder-coated to match specific colors. 

Superior Flexibility in Space Design

Besides customization, Euro-Wall Stacking glass partitions are configured to stack in virtually any space requirements or restrictions, providing flexibility to blur lines between spaces as well as interior and exterior. This expands the ability to have larger stacking glass partitions that can hide from view when closed. 

Larger, Better and Prettier

Euro-Wall Systems continues to focus on providing the highest-grade products available. Whether it's the largest panel, widest opening or highest design pressure, Euro-Wall pushes the envelope to set the benchmark for the industry. We invite you to learn more about our stacking glass products.