Superior Quality Wood Clad Folding Doors

Euro-Wall produces wood clad folding doors for both residential and commercial large openings. Euro-Wall wood clad folding doors are custom built for each individual customer and project which enables Euro-Wall to meet even the most challenging architectural applications. Euro-Wall wood clad folding doors allow for a seamless transition from the comfort of any room to the beauty of the outside environment. Euro-Wall wood clad folding doors are offered in impact and non impact rated options. Euro-Wall wood clad folding doors come in the standard finishes of Douglas Fir, Mahogany / Sapele and Oak, but can be made to order using one of our exotic wood species. All Euro-Wall wood clad folding doors are made "Ready to Finish". Euro-Wall offers more panel choices than any other manufacturer, which allows Euro-Wall to meet or exceed thermal requirements for different climates anywhere in the world. Euro-Wall exterior folding doors expand the available options for exterior folding door placements, whether new construction, retro-fit, or remodeling of existing structures. Euro-Wall specializes in High Velocity Wind and Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) and coastal packages as well as standard climate options. In addition to our wood folding  doors, we also produce sliding, stacking and pivot doors.

American Made. European Inspired.

Why Euro-Wall Wood Folding Doors are Superior