Questions Answered

Got a question? Chances are, we've already got the answer! We get it, navigating a new website or service can sometimes feel like exploring uncharted territory, but fear not! From unlocking information about our door systems to clarifying questions about design or installation, we've compiled answers to commonly asked questions right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vertical Adjustments

How to make vertical adjustments to your folding door system.

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Twinpoint Lever

How to fix or replace your twinpoint lever.

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Multipoint Anti Rattle Components

How to install the multipoint anti rattle components into your sill and header.

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Multipoint Handle Installation

How to disassemble and assemble your multipoint handle.

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Cleaning Hinges

Proper maintenance for your door system.

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Squaring Panel

How to properly square a panel.

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Polyamide Snapping

What to do if your polyamide has snapped and how to fix it.

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Multipoint Handle Issues

Issues you might encounter with your multipoint handle and what you should do.

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Horizontal Strikeplate Adjustments

How to make horizontal strikeplate adjustments to your folding door.

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