The World of Euro-Wall’s Hurricane Rated Doors

Look no further for Florida hurricane-rated doors for your next commercial or residential project. Two of our top hurricane-rated door options include the Vista Multi Slide™, which is our impact-rated sliding door with the slimmest sight line profile available, and our impact-rated aluminum folding doors, called the Vista Fold™. No matter what you pick, we promise superior quality as Euro-Wall understands the importance of not only creating a spectacular view but also using materials that will ensure the safety and integrity of the structure. 

American Made. European Inspired.

Euro-Wall’s hurricane-rated patio doors are the best of both worlds. While maintaining elegant aesthetics, they are also built with the highest quality materials, including our AAMA 2605 standard finish coating. Our door systems meet all of Florida’s requirements for Florida Product Approval as well as the requirements for our products to be used in Miami-Dade High Velocity Wind and Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). 

Vista Multi Slide™

When it comes to the Vista Multi Slide™, saying it’s a one-of-a-kind sliding door is truly an understatement. Featuring a sight line profile width measuring less than 1”, there is no other door system on the market able to emulate this unobstructed view while maintaining a hurricane rating. These doors are capable of heights up to 15’ and stretch as wide as 8’. No matter how large these hurricane-rated impact patio doors are specified, their unique construction allows for a simple, smooth operation making them an ideal choice whether it be a high-traffic commercial application or residential family settings. 

Vista Fold™

When you seek to seamlessly connect an indoor space with its outdoor surroundings, the Vista Fold™ is the answer. This hurricane-rated impact folding door system gives the user numerous configuration customization options and has the capability of being designed as radius systems or 90-degree postless corner units. There are also a variety of panel finish choices to choose from, including white, clear anodized, bronze, black or wood clad options. The panels max out at a width of 52” and an astounding height of 14’. Euro-Wall's folding door systems will maximize the aesthetic capability of any large opening project.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Euro-Wall offers a complete 10-year warranty, more than three times the industry standard. Please refer to our full warranty for more information, terms & conditions, returns & allowances, claims policy, and other general information.

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