Water Resistant Exterior Folding Doors - Euro-Wall Superior by Design

Whether it be an afternoon shower or a category hurricane, wind blown rain can cause serious damage to structure and property. Euro-Wall's water resistant exterior folding doors impressive water performance ratings are achieved from both outward and inward opening doors, superior to other exterior folding doors.



Euro-Wall water resistant exterior folding doors achieve its superior rain and wind resistance in part from the way it allows door panels to close snugly against rubber weather seals. Euro-Wall water resistant exterior folding doors are specifically engineered  for superior water infiltration resistance by creating a series of water barriers in the form of channels in the thresholds, gaskets and weather stripping on the panels which combine together to resist water infiltration that supersedes all other manufacturers of exterior folding doors. Stay dry and secure with exterior folding doors by Euro-Wall.

American Made. European Inspired.