Western Window Systems Alternative

Vista Multi Slide™ is an excellent Western Window Systems alternative and can be utilized in commercial, institutional as well as residential applications. The panels in these systems can be as large as 120 sq ft, spanning heights up to 15' tall and widths up to 8’ long. Even with large sizes, the panels interlock at less than 1”, which is the slimmest sight line profile available providing the largest views and the maximum panel-to-glass ratios. Our massive door panels glide open and close effortlessly thanks to the patented EZ Glide roller system.

American Made. European Inspired.

Furthermore, as an alternative to the Western Window System, the sill can be embedded flush with the finish floor and can meet water ratings without the need of a sill riser. What’s more, despite large sizes, our western window system alternative maintains an impact rating for inclement weather areas. 

Together, these features make Vista Multi Slide™ a truly unique sliding door system and provide distinct consumer benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. We invite you to learn more about our multi-slide sliding doors.