Vista Multi Slide™

Impact and Non-Impact Rated Sliding Door System

American Made. European Inspired.
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Bigger is Better

Vista Multi Slide™ stands out, whether you need strong impact ratings for hurricane regions or non-impact options for inland construction. When you combine the largest panel heights and widths with the smallest interlock sightline (less than 1”), you get bigger views, bigger support and bigger possibilities.

The massive, gliding panels open and close effortlessly thanks to the EZ Glide roller system. The sill can be embedded flush with the finished floor and still meet water ratings without the need of a sill riser.

Talk to us about this innovative solution. It’s kind of a big deal.

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The Highlights

Features & Benefits

Thinnest Profile

Enjoy unobstructed panoramas with the smallest interlock sightlines (less than 1”).

No Sill Riser

The floor track provides a flush transition yet protects from water filtration.

Panel & Track Options

Customize your space with flexible configurations, including up to 8 panels in a single stack direction.

Largest Impact-Rated Panels

Get bigger, protected views with fewer panels.

Easy Operation

It’s quiet, safe and effortless with automation options available to open and close.

Vista Multi Slide Features Benefits
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Multi Slide Door

Product Brochure

Dive deeper into this innovative product through our online brochure.

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Technical Specs Brochure

Manufacturer's data sheets on each product to be used.

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Installation Brochure

Install using the recommended methods contained within this guide.

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Maintenance & Care

Instructions on how to maintain and care for your specific door system.

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Extrusion Profile Sheet

Explore the cross-section details of tracks, sills, stiles, end caps and more.

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Architect Cut Sheet

Check out this comprehensive document that showcases this superior product.

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     Without Limitations

To achieve maximum heights, widths and design pressures, we crafted an innovative center meet astragal extrusion. It is reinforced with galvanized steel and mimics the profile of our standard interlock. Exterior handles are available on the active panel, the passive astragal panel will not need a handle.

Finish Options

Standard Frame / Panel Finishes

  • Kynar® Liquid Paint or Powder Coat finishes available
  • Custom powder coat or Kynar® finishes available
  • Custom faux woodgrain finishes available
  • Custom handle options available
Finish White


Finish Arcadia Silver

Sunstorm Arcadia Silver

Finish Bronze


Finish Black


Finish Clear Anodized

Clear Anodized

Interior Wood Clad Finishes

Our interior only wood clad finish options include our standard finishes of mahogany / sapele or white oak. Additional wood species available.

Finish Mahogany

Mahogany / Sapele

Finish Wood Oak

White Oak 

Hardware / Handle Finish Options

MS Offset Ladder Pull Hires

Brushed Satin 
Polished Stainless Steel 

Finish Locking Lever


Sunstorm Arcadia Silver

Brushed Satin




Custom Colors Available


Clear Anodized




Custom Colors Available

System Components

Test Performance Results


Air Infiltration: ASTM E283-04

Water Infiltration: ASTM E331-00

Wind Load: TAS 202-94

Large Missile Impact: TAS 201-94

Cyclic Load: TAS 203-94

Forced Entry: AAMA 1303-05